Alexandra & Aidan’s Record-Shattering 1st Year.

8fig helped this meditation store not only sustain high-demand, but also tackle growth with a stress-free approach.

  • Cash flow that meets projections to ensure store never runs out of stock
  • Flexibility to purchase inventory quarterly to lower costs 
  • Free time to focus on what really matters

Alexandra & Aidan’s 8fig Journey




Cost of Goods Sold


8fig Growth Capital


Cost of Capital

Once complete, this Growth Plan will net our seller


This represents a return rate of 16X

Alexandra & Aidan’s 8fig Journey.

When we first met Alexandra and Aidan, a young couple raising their daughter on Australia’s dreamy shores, their enthusiasm was infectious. Instantly, we could feel the positive energy they radiated – which is fitting, since their store is dedicated to developing and selling meditation products.

Apparently, the feeling was mutual. As Alexandra put it, “everything from our intro call to onboarding, to regular correspondence with the team at 8fig has been easy and seamless. We instantly felt 8fig understood and believed in our vision for our brand, which was important to us!” 

Making the decision to look for outside solutions to grow a budding Amazon brand is not an easy one, and it comes with risks. But before turning to 8fig, Alexandra and Aidan experienced an all-too-common setback: their products were repeatedly out of stock. 

The toll lack of inventory takes is not just limited to Amazon search rankings, but also a direct hit on profitability and a blow to cash flow. It can be a vicious cycle. “We grew rapidly in our first year on Amazon. The champagne problem we faced was buying the inventory we needed to sustain demand, let alone growth.”

Using the momentum created by their Growth Plan, Alexandra and Aidan have been able to break free from constantly chasing after cash, and finally focus on scaling sales

Are you ready to grow?

What would your plan be if money wasn’t an object? An 8fig Growth Plans take away sellers’ stress by providing access to virtually unlimited capital in order to execute entrepreneurs’ ‘plan A’, one that isn’t bound by limitations and caps. 

Alexandra details  what this unbound-planning looked like for their store. “Our 8fig Growth Plan has allowed us to buy inventory on a quarterly basis. This brings our costs down, impacting our bottom line directly. Most importantly, we NEVER have to worry about running out of stock again, which means we can continue to build momentum and expand the breadth of our product assortment.” 

Aidan and Alexandra’s brand has grown exponentially, and they’re still in the beginning of their ecomm journey. At any stage, but especially this crucial early stage, it’s important to find a non-dilutive partner like 8fig that can support your store’s growth and leave the cards in your hands.

It’s like having an expert on your team from day one. “The team at 8fig is made up of knowledgeable, genuine people who know the eCommerce industry. We don’t feel like we’re just another number to them. It’s truly an amazing feeling to have a financial partner back the vision you have for your brand.”

We couldn’t be prouder to be that partner for you, Alexandra and Aidan. Now, who’s up for a quick meditation?

Instead of stressing about cash, we can focus on finding and creating products.”

- Alexandra, Co-founder