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how to get Amazon reviews

How To Get Amazon Reviews: A Step-by-Step Guide

June 1, 2023

Reviews are crucial to your success as an Amazon seller. Here's how to get positive customer reviews and boost your sales.

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A graphic of Khierstyn Ross of Launch and Scale.

Expert Tips: How to Reliably Launch A Successful Product

May 30, 2023

ECommerce expert Khierstyn Ross explains how to test new products in order to ensure successful launches and consistent sales.

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pricing on Amazon

A Guide To Pricing Your Product On Amazon

May 23, 2023

A product's price is the number one factor for consumers making purchasing decisions. Here's how to price your product on Amazon.

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A graphic of Liran Hirshkorn of Incrementum Digital.

Insider Tips: Multichannel Fulfillment & How To Succeed in ECommerce

May 21, 2023

Amazon expert Liran Hirshkorn opens up about the ins and outs of selling and succeeding as an eCommerce business.

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Amazon SEO

What Sellers Need To Know About Amazon SEO

May 16, 2023

A high ranking in Amazon's search results means you're more likely to make sales. Here's how to use Amazon SEO to improve your ranking.

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A graphic of Tanner Scott of Ranksey.

Expert Tips: Top 10 Metrics to Track for ECommerce Success

May 14, 2023

Marketing expert Tanner Scott breaks down 10 eCommerce metrics that can have the biggest impact on an online store's success.

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line of credit for ecommerce

How to Use a Business Line of Credit for ECommerce Growth

May 11, 2023

Is a business line of credit a good way to fund your eCommerce business? This blog explains what an LOC is and breaks down the pros and cons.

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8fig raises $140M in Series B Round Funding

8fig Raises $140M Series B Funding to Boost ECommerce Businesses

May 9, 2023

Following the latest round of funding, 8fig is ready to help even more eCommerce businesses reach their growth goals.

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Recession-Proof Your ECommerce Business With These 38 Tips

May 7, 2023

Experts warn of a possible recession in 2022 or 2023. Is your eCommerce business ready?

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marketing metrics

5 Marketing Metrics All ECommerce Businesses Should Track

May 3, 2023

ECommerce sellers use marketing metrics to evaluate their advertising efforts. We break down the top 5 KPIs to track and how to use them.

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Bookkeeping and Finances for ECommerce Sellers

May 3, 2023

Entrepreneur and expert bookkeeper Nathan Hirsch of EcomBalance explains everything you need to know about finances for eCommerce sellers.

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Graphic for 8fig webinar with Ritz and Trivium.

Webinar: How to Successfully Launch a New Product on Amazon

May 1, 2023

Launching a new product is never easy. Our panel of Amazon experts share their tips for building the foundation for healthy long-term sales.

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A graphic title of Pasha Knish of AMZ Optimized.

Expert Tips: Improve Your Amazon Conversion Rates

April 27, 2023

Guest author and Amazon veteran Pasha Knish shares his expertise on eCommerce success and how to leverage conversion rates.

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equity financing for ecommerce businesses

Equity Financing for ECommerce Businesses

April 25, 2023

Is equity financing a good funding solution for your business? We explain what equity financing is and break down the pros and cons.

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Amazon PPC with Dr. Travis Zigler

All About Amazon PPC

April 24, 2023

Dr. Travis Zigler shares valuable explanations, tips, and hacks about Amazon PPC and the best ways to market your products and increase your revenue on Amazon.

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how to crowdfund for ecommerce

How To Use Crowdfunding To Fund Your ECommerce Business

April 20, 2023

Crowdfunding is a popular way to raise money for business ideas. Here's how eCommerce sellers can use crowdfunding to finance their business.

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A graphic introducing Dana Oren and her talk about Amazon stockouts.

Podcast: Why Running Out of Stock Harms Your Amazon Store

April 19, 2023

Some sellers might feel that running out of stock on Amazon is a sign of success. 8fig's Dana Oren explains why it should be avoided at all costs.

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Lisa Kinskey, Getida, Amazon FBA Audits and Reimbursements

Amazon FBA Audits and Reimbursements

April 17, 2023

Are you getting all the money you're entitled to from Amazon FBA? Lisa Kinskey from Getida explains FBA audits and reimbursements.

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Online arbitrage vs. wholesale on amazon

Online Arbitrage vs. Wholesale on Amazon

April 16, 2023

Do you know the difference between online arbitrage and wholesale? We explain these business model as well as the pros and cons of each.

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A graphic about sourcing products to sell on Amazon.

How To Source Products To Sell on Amazon Successfully

April 13, 2023

To succeed as an Amazon seller, you have to source your products in an effective and sustainable way.

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