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Combine 8fig’s personalized eCommerce funding and AI cash flow management with Triple Whale’s AI data and analytics platform and what do you get? A recipe for eCommerce success.

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Score a 10% discount on fast, flexible, equity-free funding from 8fig.

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Enjoy a 12-month complimentary Triple Whale subscription.

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Triple Whale’s AI data platform empowers us to make better decisions, and 8fig’s funding and cash flow management allows us to carry them out. It’s the perfect solution for growth.

Felix Co-founder of Underoutfit


1. What is 8fig?

8fig provides eCommerce sellers with continuous, flexible funding in conjunction with the serious financial tools they need to achieve sustainable growth. Our funding plans are fast, equity-free, and aligned to each seller’s individual supply chain needs in order to optimize their cash flow. We call this an AI CFO, since it gives small eCommerce businesses both the capital and financial management expertise needed for long-term success.

2. What is Triple Whale?

Triple Whale is an AI data platform designed to give Shopify business owners the ability to manage and automate their data. With better metrics, automation, attribution, merchandising, and forecasting all in one place, sellers have the real-time insights they need to make better decisions and grow their businesses. 

3. Who is eligible for this deal?

This deal is exclusively for Shopify business owners in the USA and Canada (excluding Quebec) with online stores that meet the following conditions:


Online stores in operation for 12 months or more:
            – Annual revenue of at least $200,000

            – Monthly revenue of at least $10,000 for the last 3 months


Online stores in operation for 6 to 12 months:
            – Sales revenue of at least $200,000

            – Average monthly revenue of at least $15,000 for the last 3 months

4. Why should I work with 8fig and Triple Whale?

8fig and Triple Whale are built by eCommerce experts exclusively for eCommerce sellers in order to provide them with the resources they need to succeed in this competitive market. 8fig provides funding and cash flow management tools to give sellers the financial backing and expertise they need to grow, while Triple Whale offers the AI data management and automation needed to make better decisions. With both 8fig and Triple Whale on your team, you’ll soon be on the fast track to success.

5. Is there a cost for this service?

8fig charges a fixed cost of capital for funding. This amount is calculated with the help of AI and other technology according to the risk each individual growth plan incurs. 8fig sellers remittance schedules are personalized and adjustable to ensure maximum cash flow. 

If you receive 8fig funding, you will also receive a free 12-month subscription to Triple Whale. After this time, Triple Whale charges a monthly fee to continue using the data platform.

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