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8fig is proud to announce your new secret weapon for inventory and cash flow planning: the Sales Forecasting tool! It covers everything from evergreen to seasonal products, simplifying your business strategy with accurate insights.

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Predict future sales of your products.

8fig’s Sales Forecasting ensures precise inventory management and timely order fulfillment.

View potential revenue for the coming months.

Gain insights into potential revenue for strategic planning and decision-making aligned with business growth.

Identify seasonal sales spikes and forecasts.

Optimize budget by anticipating sales volumes, enabling wise resource allocation and operational efficiency.

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Better understand the basics of the sales forecasting tool

Anyone with an online store running on one of the known platforms (Shopify, Amazon, eBay etc).

*The tool does not work with dropshippers.

All features are open and all completely free, no credit card required.

Our Forecasting Tool has one goal—to accurately predict future sales so that you can make informed decisions. For example, knowing the number of units you will need to order to stay in stock, or understanding your business’s potential revenue for the upcoming months.

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First, we clean up each product’s historical sales, flagging any stockouts, sales spikes, or sales peaks/dips.

Next, we establish a baseline sales velocity for each product. The baseline reflects the number of units expected to sell on a normal, uneventful day. We project this baseline into the future, adding in any sustained periods of high sales (peaks) that were detected in the historical data.

Finally, for products with at least one year of consistent sales history, we adjust the baseline to match past seasonal trends.

Learn more about what you can achieve and start forecasting your sales today.

Our Forecasting Tool is uniquely designed to work for all products, whether they be evergreen with consistent year round sales, or seasonal with peaks and dips throughout the year. We do the hard work of estimating future sales, so you can spend more time growing your business.

Learn more about what you can achieve and start forecasting your sales today.

Short term forecasts, such as the next 3 months, are inherently more accurate than long term. Although our algorithm is designed to be as reliable as possible, many external factors may come into play—market trends, competitor landscape, marketing strategy, and inventory availability are just a few examples. Therefore, our forecasts are only a guide to aid your inventory and cash flow planning.

As a business owner, you know your products best. That is why we will soon allow you to manually adjust any of our automated forecasts. We are also working on an Accuracy Score for each of your products, so you’ll know at a glance which forecasts are most reliable.

Learn more about what you can achieve and start forecasting your sales today.

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