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Built by eCommerce experts for online sellers, 8fig aims to democratize digital commerce by empowering small businesses with the means to achieve long-term growth and success. By focusing on their main challenge, cash flow, 8fig’s AI CFO technology and customized funding solutions fill the knowledge and financing gaps, helping them to reach 8-figure revenues.

Our ambitious teams are based in Austin, TX and Tel Aviv, Israel. We are passionate about helping our customers reach new heights; as well as having some fun along the way!

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Since establishing 8fig, we’ve helped hundreds of eCommerce sellers scale their businesses exponentially. We developed the first-ever AI CFO to streamline their operations, and perfected our customizable funding solutions to help them take their businesses to the next level.
Founded in 2020
8fig was founded by serial entrepreneurs and eCommerce experts Yaron Shapira, Assaf Dagan, and Roei Yellin.
Raised $196.5 Million
Our all-equity Series A and B funding rounds, led by Battery Ventures, LocalGlobe, and Koch, raised $250 million.
Established global teams
8fig has teams in Tel Aviv, Israel (R&D and product) and Austin, Texas (growth, marketing, and CS).
Grew our community
8fig partners with eCommerce experts and agencies to build financing tools and solutions that help sellers scale.
Built the first AI CFO
We built the first ever AI CFO to provide the financial guidance you need to scale your eCommerce business.
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8fig: Your AI CFO and funding partner, empowering you to scale your eCommerce business to 8 figures.

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