Continuous Capital for Continuous Growth.

Uncap your eCommerce growth with flexible capital continuously aligned to your supply chain needs.

Forge a future without limits.

8fig is propelling online sellers to new heights with growth plans infused with flexible, uncapped capital.

Accelerate your path to growth without giving up equity

Lose the cash flow crises & inventory stock outs

Keep more profit while reducing risk and stress

To apply for 8fig funding, eCommerce sellers must have an active online store with $8,000 in U.S. revenue for 3+ consecutive months.

See it in the numbers.’s meteoric rise to 7-figures


Total Growth Capital




Growth Capital


Cost of Capital

Become an 8-figure seller with our innovative planning & funding platform.

Plan your potential

Are you ready to scale your eCommerce store? Use 8fig’s free growth planning platform to map out your inventory batches to scale. Align cash flow to every stage of your supply chain from inventory to freight to marketing to sales. Leave the spreadsheets behind and enter your next stage of growth.

Fund your growth

Aggressively grow your eCommerce store with adaptable and uncapped capital. Rather than a lump sum or one-time disbursement, we continuously infuse capital to match your supply chain demands and fund future growth projections. This lets you always meet demand by keeping your store in stock, even as you scale.

Avoid snowballs, maximize opportunities

ECommerce is a dynamic business & your Growth Plan should be too. One ship stuck in port shouldn’t derail your growth and you should always be able to accelerate your capital to meet an increase in demand. When you encounter challenges or opportunities, use our Change Request feature to adjust your Growth Plan at no cost and your capital and remittance schedule move with it.

Your 8fig status starts now.

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    Use our free planning tool to map continuous capital to your supply chain needs.

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    Connect your store and tap into sales and revenue projections.

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    Sign your 8fig growth plan offer and start infusing your plan with just-in-time capital.

Why 8fig?

Maximum flexibility

Adapt to the good and the bad without losing momentum.

Supply chain insights

Get real-time clarity and tips to maximize profit margin.


Cost of Capital at 6-10% per growth plan.

Built to your future

It’s not about where you’ve been, it’s where you’re going.

Stack opportunities

If you can plan it, we will fund it.

Stay in the black

Remit funds when revenue comes in.

8fig alleviates the need for the private labeler to use their own cash.”

- Ryan, Founder of A-Z Trading

Instead of stressing about cash, we can focus on finding and creating products.”

- Alexandra, Co-founder

My Growth Plan allowed me to think big, and to concentrate on increasing sales and profitability.”

- Eli, Founder

Our 8fig Growth Plan has allowed us to scale our business in an incredibly short amount of time.”

- David, Co-founder