Tailor-Fitted Growth Capital for E-Com Sellers

If you can plan it, we can fund it. Keep 100% of your equity and gain access to unlimited capital, a clear Growth Plan, and supply chain analytics.

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Add another comma to your top line

You’re pulling 6-figure or 7-figure revenue a year, you're an 8-figure seller in the making. But when you want to move ten times as much inventory as you did last year, how do you stop a cash flow crunch from cutting you off at the knees? 

There’s a way, and it’s called an 8fig Growth Plan. Our software gives you access to powerful planning tools and provides you with timely cash injections according to the schedule you dictate.

This means more inventory for your store and more money in your bank account. And you only pay us back once your bottom line is growing too.

I'm Ready to Grow

How it works

If You Can Plan It, We Will Fund It

What’s it gonna take to go big? With access to unlimited capital from 8fig, that’s for you to tell us. You forge your own fate, and you claim your own rewards.

Line Up & Grow

Create your 8fig Growth Plan using the supply chain planning tool we like to call Lines Lab. For each product you want to sell, create “Lines” based on your sales objectives. We’ll review your Lines and put up as much as 95% of the capital you need, setting up timely  cash infusions for every step in your supply chain: deposits, balances, logistics, marketing, and more.

Keep Your Revenue & Your Equity

There are other kinds of backers who invest in your online store based on forecasting. But they will also try to control your business and take home a piece of the pie. Don’t give those guys pie. 8fig gets you more pies and takes no equity.

I'm Ready to Grow

Good to Grow

How an 8fig Growth Plan Gets You to 8-figures

Access unlimited capital to finance your supply chain

Unlock maximum growth by speeding up the scale you’re capable of

Keep more money thanks to our proprietary cash flow optimization technology (CFO) 

Drive up your valuation for a potential future exit

Keep it simple with built-in flexibility and peace of mind

You’re an 8-figure seller in the making.

We work with sellers catering to the US market, who can demonstrate 6-figure revenue in the last 12 months. Here’s how we’ll get you there.

Start here

Enlist data science

We review your plan for your upcoming batches, as well as your store's historical performance and competitive landscape. Then, we form a reliable sales forecast.

Access way more capital

Your custom Growth Plan comes equipped with the capital you need to reach your ambitious growth goals. That could mean purchasing and selling twice as much inventory as you have before. We call that hyper-growth.

Become a lean, mean selling machine

Once you’ve planned your Lines and booked your Growth Plan with 8fig, you’re good to grow. You know what it costs, and you know the cash will flow (securely). Now, you can focus on what you do best: developing great products and selling a ton of them.


We helped these sellers grow

Join 8fig’s Winning Portfolio.

The feeling of having your business financially backed by people who know the eComm industry is simply indescribable. Our business grew quickly - we did $100k in sales our first year on FBA without ever being in stock for a full month - and the only thing holding us back from achieving higher sales was capital to purchase the inventory we needed. I almost can't believe 8fig's model hasn't existed already, and it was insanely easy to onboard with them. 8fig is a must for anyone looking to scale their e-Commerce venture from six to seven figures, quickly!

Alexandra Wiatr, Amazon Entrepreneur

8fig is a great company, the application process is super easy, and their approval is very fast. We already got a second growth plan with them. I truly recommend this company.

Tony, 7-figure seller

It's exactly what we needed to support our growth. 8fig are super flexible with the plan and are willing to discuss any possible solution with you. Looking forward to working with them in the future.

Aiden, 7-figure seller

8fig has helped streamline our company’s growth. This has increased our free cashflow to add more exclusive deals. More important than the business model’s added value, is that the 8fig team actually cares about our success which forces us to come back.

Ryan Foster, Founder, A-Z Trading Co

8fig has been a game changer for me. The team understands e-Com and have designed a brilliant model to support seller growth. The process is quick and the cost of capital is the most reasonable I've seen - I'm an accountant by trade and haven't seen anything like it. So grateful to the awesome team at 8fig. It's so exciting to have the freedom to scale to 8-figures.

Bec Fischer

What will you do with an 8fig Growth Plan?

With unlimited growth capital, cost effectiveness and flexibility, 8fig is the ultimate solution for unbound growth.

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