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8fig capital is  

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We’re leveling the playing field for rising sellers by giving you the tools, resources, and financing you need to radically grow.


Growth planning

Use 8fig’s free planning tool to map out the exact capital you need to scale across your entire supply chain.


Growth capital (Ecommerce funding)

Match your growing demand and always stay in stock with capital continuously infused to every stage of your supply chain. We’ll fund up to 90% of your supply chain costs — including inventory, freight, shipping, and marketing — over and over again!


Everything is adaptable

Our platform and funding is built for the dynamic nature of eCommerce. Adjust your cash flow injections and remittance cycles to move with your supply chain so you can stay nimble as you grow.

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We provide funding for eCommerce sellers who meet the following requirements:

Run an active online store

Have generated $8,000+ in monthly sales

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