What is an 8fig Growth Plan?

8fig’s Growth Plans are designed to support experienced e-Commerce sellers in their quest to scale rapidly and aggressively. e-Commerce is unique among businesses, capable of achieving hyper growth year-over-year in the face of constantly rising demand. Sellers who join 8fig rapidly rein in their supply chain, zero in on their unit economics and gain access to the ultimate win/win solution: virtually unlimited capital, CFO-level management and operations, all without sacrificing equity.

How do I get a Growth Plan?

If you’re an e-Commerce seller on the rise, we want to know. Sign up for an 8fig account today and tell us more about your business, your products and your upcoming inventory orders -- we’d love to help you reach your goals!

How does 8fig build my Growth Plan?

8fig relies on artificial intelligence and a team of e-Commerce, risk and fintech experts to design custom Growth Plans for its clients, and ensure they are effective at achieving hyper growth in revenue, without sacrificing your equity nor your profitability. Our technology focuses on two areas:

  1. Sales forecasting: Considering dozens of individual factors, we are able to form a prediction of how sales will progress during the duration of the Growth Plan and beyond.
  2. Cash flow optimization: Following a comprehensive analysis of the health of your supply chain, we formulate an optimal payment schedule that maximizes your leverage while minimizing cash flow strain.
Does 8fig charge money for its services? 

8fig Growth Plans are designed first and foremost to ensure that the hyper growth that lies ahead does not negatively impact the business operations nor bottom line. To do this, 8fig makes use of artificial intelligence and other technology to assess the risk of each Growth Plan. This risk boils down to the cost of capital, a single figure which clearly and transparently represents 8fig’s charge for each Growth Plan.

What is the cost of the Growth Plan? 

The Cost of Capital for every Growth Plan is usually etween $6,000-$10,000 for every $100,000 included in the Growth Plan.

What is your APR?

8fig's Growth Plans carry between 6% and 24.99% APR.
The cost of capital is calculated according to our proprietary risk models, which consider dozens of individual factors including cash flow, sales forecasting and sales history.

What is participation?

Participation is 8fig’s way of ensuring that sellers who work with us also share some of the risk and responsibility for their Growth Plan’s ultimate success. Usually, 8fig will ask for between 10%-20% participation overall.

What permissions will I need to grant 8fig?

In order to formulate an accurate forecast, and to assess risk, we ask that new sellers who join 8fig provide secure access to two accounts. Connecting takes 2 minutes and is done via your 8fig account.

  1. Seller account: We request View access to select reports on your primary selling platform. This may be Amazon Seller Central, Shopify Seller, eBay Seller, or others.
  2. Bank account: Provides 8fig with the ability to view your recent baking transactions. This does not let 8fig move money on your behalf.
Does 8fig ask for personal guarantees or collaterals? 

8fig does not require sellers to provide any personal guarantees, collateral, credit check nor equity transfer.

Who is eligible for a Growth Plan?

8fig Growth Plans are designed specifically with e-Commerce sellers in mind. If you own and operate a successful online store catering to the US market, and can demonstrate 6-figure revenue (or higher) in the last 12 months period, odds are that 8fig can help you take your operations, and most importantly your revenue, to the next level.

Which e-Commerce platforms does 8fig support?

We work with experienced private label and wholesale sellers on Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Walmart and other popular online marketplaces.

What is a ‘Line’?

One of the first things we ask of new sellers joining 8fig, is to share their Lines. You can think of a Line as all the costs of procuring and selling one batch of product from your manufacturer, everything from the deposit cost to the logistics and marketing costs of each batch.

When viewed together, a group of Lines represents a seller’s supply chain - a central factor in designing a custom and effective Growth Plan.

How long does it take to get a Growth Plan?

Once your Lines are submitted, it can take our team between 24-72 hours to get back to you with a custom Growth Plan for review.

I need a one-time sum of money. Can you help?

8fig delivers its value through a long term relationship with sellers, as they achieve their goals in a proven and sustainable way. 
If you are looking for a short-term or one-time solution, 8fig is likely not right for your needs.

How many Growth Plans are available?

8fig has set out to help 10,000 e-Commerce entrepreneurs reach 8-figure revenue by 2025, but we’re working up to those stats. As we scale, we are currently only able to take on 20 new Growth Plans per month.

Why should I work with 8fig?

The long and short of it is, that we’ve been where you are. We felt that cash flow crunch on one hand, and all the inadequate growth solutions on the other. We wanted it all: access to capital, flexibility, convenience, profitability. So we created it.

As an experienced e-Commerce seller, you already know what it takes to succeed in your online store. You’re likely also aware that the growth you’ve seen thus far is the tip of the iceberg. How much could you sell if you didn’t have to constantly worry about cash flow? What kinds of opportunities would lie ahead, if money were no object? Join 8fig and start thinking big.

My question isn’t listed here. How can I get in touch with 8fig?

We’re all ears! Get in touch with our team at any time by e-mailing service@8fig.co or by completing this form.

What will you do with an 8fig Growth Plan?

With unlimited growth capital, cost effectiveness and flexibility, 8fig is the ultimate solution for unbound growth.

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