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Cosmetics financing

There are seemingly endless brands and businesses that sell cosmetics products online. These businesses sell products and equipment both directly to customers and to cosmetics businesses such as hair and nail salons, massage therapy establishments, day

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Financing for food and beverage companies

The food and beverage industry involves manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. Any company that processes, packages, transports, and distributes these goods are a part of this vast network. People need to eat, so demand for food and beverages remains

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Computer and accessories financing

In today’s digital world, demand is high for computers and accessories. Businesses that sell these products online have a large consumer base, and many outlets through which to reach them. However, as with any industry, supply chain costs and changes

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Inventory financing for startups

It takes funding to launch an idea. Designing a product, finding a manufacturer, and setting up freight, storage, and distribution is an expensive undertaking. If you’re just starting up, you likely don’t have the capital on hand to pay for all of

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Skin care business financing

The skin care industry is booming. Consumers frequently seek out new skin care products to purchase online, and it seems like the options are endless. For eCommerce businesses, skin care can be a great niche to break into, but it doesn’t come without

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Inventory financing

Many industries rely on consistent inventory to produce revenue. Whether you’re selling beauty products, electronics, sporting goods, or pet supplies, you need to keep your warehouse stocked with goods. If you don’t keep enough inventory in stock,

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Electronics business financing

In today’s technological world, electronics are a part of everyday life. Phones, tablets, TVs, computers, laptops, and even electronic books are all common goods that consumers are constantly looking to purchase. With such high demand, online

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