8fig Funding Offer – Participation

Welcome! Congratulations on receiving an offer! You’re one step closer to the funding and tools you need to scale your business and become an 8-figure seller.

Here’s a simple explanation that will help you understand what the Participation section in your Growth Plan means.

This is what your Remittance Schedule for your submitted Growth Plan will look like. (The dates, numbers, and name will be adjusted accordingly) It shows when all requested funds will be deposited and when remits will be debited once they begin.

The Participation column is the portion you agree to cover. This is the percentage 8fig is not offering to cover and will be deducted from the total Receive balance.

The portion you cover for participation goes from you directly to your supplier. You’re basically covering that portion of funding needed for your inventory and send it directly to the supplier.

A good rule of thumb is if there are any balances to the right of your Receive column, for example, in the Participation or Remit columns, the difference in sum is the amount you will receive from 8fig. This is to avoid multiple back and forth transactions.

*If you still have questions, feel free to contact us via email or book a call directly with our Customer Success team.

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