The Sky's the Limit: A-Z Trading’s Cash Flow Solution .

How A-Z Trading found a non-dilutive partner in 8fig to fund more exclusive deals and endless expansion. 

  • Working capital to quickly streamline private labeler operations 
  • A Growth Plan that supports endless expansion  
  • Long-term, equity-free partnership

A-Z Trading’s Growth Plan at a Glance:




Cost of Goods Sold


8fig Growth Capital


Cost of Capital

Once complete, this Growth Plan will net our seller


This represents a return rate of 71X

A-Z Trading’s 8fig journey.

Ryan Foster of A-Z Trading is hilarious. At any meeting, he’s cracking jokes and making everyone feel at ease. But don’t let that easy-going demeanor fool you — Ryan is as savvy as they come, a bonafide wholesale eCommerce expert. The connection with 8fig felt natural from the start.

“We were referred to 8fig by a friend who stated the service can help with cash flow. Our friend absolutely smashed his recommendation, as our needs were exceeded far beyond expectations.” This original request for working capital developed into a partnership with 8fig and a new way to think about the business, which allowed for greater growth in a shorter period of time and quickly streamlined operations.

Are you ready to grow?

This increase in sales resulted in a swift mindset shift for Ryan and his team, who – with the help of 8fig – have readjusted their focus to zero in on opportunities rather than limitations. “We’re [now] able to reallocate funds that would have been used for the product line, and have enough growth rate to fund another exclusive deal on our own.” 

From here on out, the sky’s the limit: exclusive deals, endless expansion, and rapid, no-holds-barred growth. In other words, A-Z Trading is quickly becoming an eCommerce empire in its own right.

Most importantly, Ryan feels he’s found a non-dilutive partner he can rely on long-term, especially in the face of the rapid shifts in the world of eCommerce. “[The experience has been] absolutely incredible from start to finish. The only reason we wouldn’t recommend 8fig to a friend is because we don’t have any.” We mentioned he’s hilarious, right?

8fig alleviates the need for the private labeler to use their own cash.”

- Ryan, Founder of A-Z Trading