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How DAVAN Strategic’s growth plan netted 6M in revenue.

How an 8fig Growth Plan can scale distribution and increase product visibility on Amazon.

  • Capital for significant reorders after a successful launch
  • Sophisticated planning tools to consolidate orders and avoid supply chain delays
  • A boost in geo-rankings and Top of Page visibility for targeted keywords
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DAVAN Strategic’s 8fig Journey.

When David & Ryan of DAVAN Strategic approached 8fig, they needed to scale fast. After running projections using their self-developed models and studying the keyword potential in depth, they were certain their online store could go from 6 to 7-figure revenue in an astonishingly short time. 

There was just one problem. As David put it, “within days of launching our new products, we knew that they were winners. What we didn’t have was the capital to place a significant reorder. We saw the opportunity for huge growth, and set out to find someone who shared our vision.” 

That vision may seem risky to some, but 8fig’s team of e-Comm experts (OK, OK, e-Comm nerds) instantly bonded with the DAVAN Strategic team over forecasting factors, keyword analysis, and unit economics. 

The result was pure magic: “We have both been able to grow and implement our new procedures along the way. In the short amount of time that we have worked with 8fig, they have implemented many improvements making it easier for us sellers to stay on top of our funding lines.”

But the benefits were not just limited to revenue growth. 8fig’s sophisticated planning tools allowed David and Ryan to significantly improve their profitability, too. “Our 8fig Growth Plan has allowed us to scale our business in an incredibly short amount of time. This has boosted our geo-ranking and helped us secure Top of Page visibility for our most important keywords.” 

We’ve been able to place large orders and ensure our products have a wide distribution across Amazon’s network of Fulfillment Centers.

That kind of flexibility to plan for possibilities instead of planning according to limitations, allowed DAVAN Strategic to evade the consequences of manufacturing and shipping delays, which too often devastated online sellers in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. “[Even] with the increased logistical delays seen worldwide, we’ve been able to consolidate our orders and save costs along the way.”

DAVAN Strategic’s talented team already have their sights on the next milestone: 8-figures. With an 8fig growth plan in place, it shouldn’t be long.

Our 8fig Growth Plan has allowed us to scale our business in an incredibly short amount of time

David DAVAN Strategic Co-founder

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