How a Kitchenware Company Scaled to 7-Figures Fast.

Eli’s kitchenware company avoided the cash flow crunch with funding from 8fig.  

  • Capital to grow business twofold in less than a year 
  • Future-focuse​​d plan that factors in growth goals
  • Alternative to conservative bank loan

Eli’s Growth Plan at a Glance:




Cost of Goods Sold


8fig Growth Capital


Cost of Capital

Once complete, this Growth Plan will net our seller


This represents a return rate of 14X

Eli's 8fig Journey.

Eli started out as a veteran Amazon selling coach, with a proven track record of helping students reach 6 and 7-figure sales. Eventually, he decided to get a piece of the action too, and began selling kitchenware on Amazon. 

His online store was a runaway success and reached 6-figures fast. But then he encountered the cash flow crunch: that all too familiar financial strain that’s caused by operating multiple supply chains simultaneously, before revenue comes in. 

That’s when a colleague referred him to 8fig. ‍“I turned to 8fig looking for funding to grow my business. So far, of course, the system has lived up to expectations. However, I have gotten far beyond regular funding. Before 8fig, I conservatively raised a sum of money from the bank according to what I was approved for. Then, I had to build a plan around that capital. [With 8fig] the situation is reversed: I create the plan and raise the money according to it.”

Are you ready to grow?

8fig’s growth plan enabled Eli to get sufficient funds to grow his business twofold in 11 months, bringing him within arm’s reach of 7-figure status. At this rate, he won’t stay there very long – Eli is an 8-figure seller in the making.

My Growth Plan allowed me to think big, and to concentrate on increasing sales and profitability.”

- Eli, Founder