A webinar: zero to hero: an Amazon growth story

From zero to hero: an Amazon growth story

September 06, 2023
In this engaging webinar hosted by 8fig, event marketing manager Katie Deter and partner marketing manager Sam Bell spoke with Klaidas Siuipys, CEO and founder of AMZ Bees. Klaidas used a case study of how his client scaled from $50,000 a month to over $20 million a year to reveal some top growth strategies. A […]
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Jamie Davidson and Avishai Sam Bitton of 8fig discuss AI in eCommerce.
The AI advantage: how to dominate Amazon sales
July 20, 2023

In this webinar Jamie Davidson, the co-founder of AMZ Insiders, and Avishai Sam Bitton, the VP of Marketing and Growth at 8fig share their insights about using AI for eCommerce. Both have already gained extensive experience leveraging AI technologies for online selling. Jamie feels that business owners who ignore this risk falling behind quickly because […]

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Graphic for 8fig webinar with Ritz and Trivium.
Webinar: how to successfully launch a new product on Amazon
May 01, 2023

In this webinar 8fig’s Tanner Lefner talks to the CEO of Ritz Momentum, Izabella Ritz, and Mina Elias, who is the founder and PPC Expert of Trivium Group. Together they discuss how to succeed when launching a new product on Amazon, sharing from their vast experience in the industry. Case Study: Pickleball Set Izabella opens […]

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Webinar with eCommerce leaders from DAVAN and GLITCH Energy.
Webinar: Amazon vs Shopify—which is better for your ecommerce store?
March 22, 2023

Amazon and Shopify are two of the prime eCommerce marketplaces in the world today. In 2021, these platforms saw a GMV (Gross Merchandise Valuation) of $390 billion and $175 billion, respectively. They present the best ecosystems for new companies that aspire to create successful online stores. In today’s webinar, we talk to eCommerce veterans David […]

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The title image of 8fig's webinar about Amazon trends in 2023.
Webinar: 6 Amazon marketplace predictions for 2023
February 08, 2023

If you’re an Amazon seller, you know if you’re not ahead on the trends, you’re behind. In 2023, this will prove especially true as Amazon updates some of its features and the world continues to rebound from a turbulent and often unpredictable few years. In this webinar, Liran Hirschkorn and Mansour Norouzi from Incrementum Digital […]

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8fig davan webinar
Webinar: navigate peak selling season like a pro
November 09, 2022

Ryan Sherrard and David Lang started selling on Amazon in 2020. When they needed funding, they turned to 8fig’s unique solution, and were able to scale their business to seven figures in less than two years. They recently sold their brand for several million dollars, and now help other eCommerce sellers succeed through their business, […]

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