Webinar: marketing tactics to maximize success

By Rebecca Montag | March 09, 2022

Marketing Tactics to Maximize Success: Scale Smarter, Faster in 2022

8fig’s Scale Smarter, Faster in 2022 webinar series prepares eCommerce sellers to rise above the noise with the tools, insights, partners, and resources they need to scale their businesses and reach the next stage of growth.

The fourth and final webinar in our Scale Smarter, Faster in 2022 series addresses marketing tactics eCommerce sellers can use to maximize the success of their businesses.

Norm Farrar of The Lunch With Norm Podcast, Steve Chou of My Wife Quit Her Job, and Liran Hirschkorn, founder and CEO of Incrementum Digital join us to discuss this important topic.

Our experts share their opinions on the most important marketing strategies at the moment. Liran explains how he has noticed a shift in marketing in 2022 in which sellers are going back to the fundamentals of marketing and improving and optimizing their listings and creatives instead of changing tactics. Steve says that he has turned his attention to email and sms marketing, focusing on customer experience in order to sell more to existing customers instead of striving for new traffic. Norm advises sellers to build up their Google profile in order to increase traffic.

So what are the important marketing basics that our experts recommend? Liran highlights two things: traffic and conversion. He then emphasizes the importance of keyword research in order to drive traffic, urges including features and benefits in images instead of just in the text, and reminds sellers to continuously test and optimize. Norm says consistency is important, and uses templates and SOPs (standard operating procedures) to achieve this while A/B testing to optimize performance. Hiring experts with a specific focus and understanding your audience are other key aspects of a good marketing strategy. Steve advises figuring out what’s already working and focusing on that, while knowing who your customers are and how to reach them.

The panel then goes on to discuss the tools that they use daily in order to stay on top of marketing.

When it comes to email marketing, our experts encourage targeted emailing instead of sending everything to their entire list, and varying the frequency based on the customer. The panel also agrees on the importance of pruning your email list, because if there are too many unopened emails it can reduce your delivery rate.

For sellers just starting out, the panel recommends targeting the higher price tiers by spending the extra time and money on branding and packaging. This is a crucial aspect of marketing that can set your product apart and raise the perceived value significantly, even in a saturated space. Research can help new sellers understand how they can differentiate their product and sell better.

Spending time coming up with good creatives and figuring out how to sell products in a new and eye-catching way is a great way to improve performance on platforms such as Facebook. If you can build an audience first, it makes launching on Amazon much easier. Another strategy is partnering with an influencer or someone who already has their own audience, and marketing the right product to that audience. Involving your audience in the product also creates an emotional investment and increases conversion rates.

When it comes to marketing trends in 2022, the entire panel advises businesses to put out content, from TikTok to YouTube to blogs. Building your brand and voice is an extremely powerful tool that can make a huge difference in a product’s success.