WIX store connection guide

Follow these simple instructions to securely connect your WIX store to the 8fig platform. We recommend doing this from a computer.

Important: Why do you need to grant us permissions?
In order for our team to validate your Growth Plan and send you an offer, we need to review your selling history and revenue data.
Don’t worry, you can easily edit or remove access at any time.

After you complete the process, we’ll get in contact with you shortly. If you have questions or need help, please send us a message here: Wix@8fig.co

Connect your WIX store:

1. Go to Roles & Permissions.

2. Click “Invite People”.

3. To invite 8fig, enter the following email: Wix@8fig.co

4. Select the Role “Back Office Manager”. (You can always change the permissions later.)

5. Click “Send Invite.”