16 Tools for ECommerce Sellers

By Julian Bonte-Friedheim | June 29, 2023
16 Tools for ECommerce Sellers
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Running an eCommerce business is complicated as it is. There are seemingly endless moving pieces that constantly have to be managed, which can be overwhelming for people new to the process. However, there are tools that can help you. Easily available programs can provide clear oversight and detailed insight for your eCommerce business. From better understanding your search engine metrics to calculating Amazon fees or evaluating product performance, they can provide a massive boost for online stores. Here are some of the best tools available for eCommerce sellers.

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Helium10 company logo

Helium10 is one of the leading eCommerce tools for sellers on the Amazon and Walmart marketplaces, providing store analytics, optimizing your PPC campaigns and offering several advertising and marketing services. What makes Helium10 stand out are its great keyword trackers that provide deep insight into how prominently your products are displayed on web stores’ listings. Staying on top of this process can have a huge impact on your products’ visibility and therefore sales. Helium10 is closely integrated with Amazon and Walmart, where it offers analytics and reimbursement assistance. This can streamline tasks that might otherwise be more time, effort and money-consuming

Helium10’s basic package starts at $29 per month but a free version of its service is available so you can see if it fits your business.


Zee company logo

Zee is an import leader that provides a springboard for eCommerce sellers to expand into foreign markets. This means taking care of a retailer’s logistics, taxes, customs matters, as well as ensuring that their products comply with all local regulations. It excels at ensuring that international shipments from the supplier to you happen as seamlessly and cost-effectively as possible. Anyone who’s been in the business long enough knows that supply chains are famously prone to delays and hiccups. Zee knows exactly how to avoid such situations, having built a deep familiarity with the ins and outs of supply chains. Its team consistently stays on top of bureaucratic developments that might complicate a freight’s transport. If hurdles do emerge, Zee’s team adapts and responds quickly, all while providing regular updates about the shipment’s status.

Zee’s pricing is contingent on your shipping situation.


Perpetua company logo

This software offers great ways to advertise your products on Amazon, Walmart, and Instacart, with a service for Target on the way. Perpetua makes creating and launching ads intuitive and then provides the data to understand exactly how they perform. It also helps decide and regularly adjust your bids on Amazon’s sponsored content slots, to ensure that your advertising campaigns are being managed to have the biggest impact, as cost-effectively as possible.

Perpetua gathers a huge trove of analytics data, which allows you to optimize your ad performance with strong keywords and precise time slot management. This results in you reaching an audience that is more likely to engage with your products. While Perpetua doesn’t offer a trial version, you can request a product demo to understand how exactly it works.

The cost of Perpetua’s service starts at $250 a month.


Biddyco company logo

This company provides a full-scale approach for creating and running successful ads on Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Google, Snapchat and elsewhere. They are able to take over the whole creative process and come up with engaging ads that are tailored to your business’ identity. Their team also oversees ad campaigns, targeting and testing to ensure that your content reaches as many potential clients as possible.

The fact that Biddyco is part of the ad creating process from start to finish gives them unique insight and handling of the whole campaign. Their expertise lies in creating content that is highly engaging and then marketing said content to the most receptive user profiles. Some of their clients have seen as much as a 3.5 Return On Ad Spend and significantly increased sales. If you are looking for a very hands-on advertising partner Biddyco is the way to go.

Biddyco’s pricing depends on what services your business needs.


Refersion company logo

This platform is ideal for eCommerce sellers that want to run a broad affiliate marketing program, which means getting their product mentioned on blog posts, podcasts, social media and various websites. Refersion has a vast network of marketing affiliates that are influencers, writers, or anyone with a following that can get your product more exposure. In return, they are paid via commission when sales are made through links they shared.

Refersion created a platform that eCommerce businesses can easily browse to find affiliates in their industries and who fit their brand’s style. Affiliates get easy access to brand marketing content like banners and other graphic assets. Calculating and then paying their commissions is straightforward on the platform. Everything is done through Refersion, which streamlines managing campaigns, assessing affiliates’ performance, setting up and paying commissions, filing and paying taxes, and analyzing all campaign analytics. This means a clear path to reaching a much larger clientele while monitoring every step of the way.

The cost of Refersion’s tools is $99 per month but a free 14-day trial is available.


Omnisend is a top-rated tool for eCommerce sellers focused on growing their audience and boosting sales through email and SMS marketing.

Omnisend is a tool for eCommerce sellers focused on growing their audience and boosting sales through email and SMS marketing. It offers a user-friendly platform that takes the pain out of managing these campaigns. This makes reaching out to customers straightforward and effective, helping you to sell more without the hassle.

Omnisend easily integrates with all the biggest eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, making setup a breeze. The tool also lets you automate email and SMS campaigns as well as target specific groups of customers with messages that really hit the mark via advanced segmentation.  There are over 250 pre-made templates to make your emails and signup forms look great, so you don’t need to be a designer to use it.

Omnisend offers a free plan that includes all features for up to 250 contacts. If you need more, paid plans start at $16/month and go up to $59/month.


Zignify is a product sourcing company that helps eCommerce sellers optimize their supply chain procedures. This means ensuring that products are shipped without defects, on time, and following all the necessary rules and regulations. Additionally, Zignify helps you identify ways in which to improve your sourcing processes in order to cut costs and find higher quality products. It is able to vet potential suppliers in order to connect you with the most reliable ones. This is particularly helpful for companies that need to source materials from abroad. Zignify also employs a highly multilingual team that is able to engage with suppliers all over the world. This style of supply chain management can be a major boost for any eCommerce business, whether they are looking to improve their existing structure or establish a new venture.

Zignify prefers to talk to each customer directly before giving a price for its service.

VAA Philippines

VAA Philippines logo

Virtual Assistant Academy Philippines offers several services related to selling on Amazon, with an emphasis on customer service. Its team members know the demands of an eCommerce seller in today’s market, and what it takes to engage with customers successfully. Once they start working with you they build a deep understanding of your business and use that to help current and potential customers with their needs.

VAA Philippines also has experts that can help you polish your presence on social media. This includes everything from uploading engaging content regularly to setting up AI chatbots to respond to customers’ queries on Facebook. The company also provides wholesale guidance to boost supply chain management, as well as creative and advertising services.

VAA Philippines’ cost depends on how many of their services you need.


Nocnoc company logo

Nocnoc has created a unique process for allowing online stores to sell their products in Latin America, which is one of the fastest growing eCommerce markets in the world. It set up a platform that streamlines the process of establishing oneself in the region, removing the burdensome task of setting up stores in each market and individual shopping website. It also deals with taxes, marketing, logistics and payment transactions, removing some of the biggest challenges of entering a foreign country. In the end, while customers pay in their local currency you receive all revenue in good old US Dollars. Impressively, Nocnoc also handles all cancellations and returns

Reach out to Nocnoc directly to get a quote for their services.

Turnkey Product Manager

Turnkey Product Manager company logo

Turnkey offers a wide array of Amazon consulting to help businesses maximize their sales performance on its platform. From the first day, its team takes a close look at how a business operates and then quickly comes up with suggestions on how to improve. It offers expertise in how to drive traffic to your store and improve your conversion rate. This is done by upgrading the advertising process, for example through automation, and creating an all-out brand presentation that is more magnetic to potential customers.

Turnkey’s service involves one-on-one coaching calls with Amazon experts that walk you through these steps. The company’s extensive experience with Amazon selling allows it to quickly identify markers that can be improved upon to raise your online store’s performance.

Turnkey’s charges depend on the type of consulting you require, however they allow you to end even long-term agreements within 30 days without a cancellation fee.


Airwallex company logo

This is a financial services company that centers around facilitating foreign transactions and managing a wide array of cash exchanges. It is able to remove many headaches from the process of expanding into foreign markets, which can be very tricky if you don’t have the right know-how. For example, Airwallex knows how to avoid unnecessary fees, especially during commercial exchanges. Instead of going through the hassle of setting up multiple bank accounts in several countries, your foreign customers can simply pay through its service. It also helps provide a clear oversight of all the transactions your business is involved in. Not only does it make everything easier to manage, it also helps you understand how your business is performing in real-time.

Airwallex offers multiple products, so your price will depend on which you choose.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout company logo

This company offers a highly effective tool for determining what products are selling the most on Amazon. It trawls through huge amounts of data to give you a quick oversight of what keywords searches have gone up recently. Even more impressive, it can tell you whether products have less sales competition on the market. That offers perfect opportunities to invest in products that are very likely to fly off the shelves, given the large demand and meager competition. Once you decide what you want to sell, JungleScout also helps find a company that can supply you. This whole process is extremely intuitive and customizable, allowing you to quickly find the information you need to grow your eCommerce business. Finally, their software offers insights into Amazon’s mechanics, which can provide a major advantage over the competition.

JungleScout’s basic plan starts at $29 per month and comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee.


Okendo company logo

Okendo is an eCommerce tool that helps you get more reviews of your products, with an emphasis on user-generated content like videos and reviews. These thoroughly help potential customers understand your products better, which makes it easier to decide to go through with their purchase. It achieves this by giving past customers a variety of incentives and reminders to upload reviews, which is likely to make your online store more appealing. This can result in higher conversion rates and increased sales. The Okendo app itself is very intuitive; it is integrated with shopping sites like Shopify, which makes overseeing reviews and sorting them by category easy.

You can start using Okendo for $19 a month and a 2-week free trial is available.


ConnectBooks company logo

This is an automated bookkeeping tool for Amazon retailers. It provides clear insight into how your online store is performing and helps you oversee and manage your finances. That means better understanding your sales data, which can improve how you manage your entire store. By analyzing the exact profit margins of each product, you can better understand where to invest and where not to. For example, if you are losing a disproportionate amount of money from a certain product breaking or needing to be replaced, you can adapt by changing things like packaging or just discontinuing it altogether. The oversight Amazon offers is not always ideal and lets many details slip through the cracks. ConnectBooks offers an easy way to quickly  identify and eliminate inefficient processes, while making your business financially healthier.

ConnectBooks starts at $19 a month, but a free trial is available.


AMPD company logo

This is a platform that lets you run effective Google ads for your Amazon products. Its technology is built to optimize the process, resulting in your campaigns reaching the most people and drawing in the most customers. This is done by giving you the tools to monitor what keywords are performing best, experiment with your own Google ads and learn how to tailor these ads to best entice potential customers. Runnings ads on Google is great because it brings people directly to your product’s page, instead of seeing them in a list with those of competitors, and because Amazon rewards you bringing visitors to its site by ranking your products higher. AMPD helps you find the keywords that are most relevant for your store and lets you understand how they perform, such as which keywords were more likely to result in a visitor adding the product to their cart.

The cost of AMPD starts at $147 per month.


8fig company logo

8fig offers a unique platform for funding, managing and growing your business. You build a plan for your eCommerce supply chain and 8fig provides the funding to execute it. The company understands that cash flow is one of online retailers’ biggest challenges. Given the nature of supply chains, you can easily find yourself needing to pay for a new batch of inventory while the previous one has yet to start selling. Instead of running out of stock and lowering your store’s Amazon ranking, 8fig allows you to invest in your best-selling products and ensure that they are consistently available to customers.

Most importantly, your remittance schedule is based on your cash flow to ensure your business can continue growing consistently. You can customize any aspect of your 8fig Growth Plan, whether it be funding, payment schedule, remittances or remittance schedule. And the best thing is you can make changes in real-time to reflect the ups and downs that are natural to eCommerce. What is unique about 8fig’s model is that you are given continuous capital infusions that are aligned with your supply chain, for example, to fund a new freight of goods. This also helps cash flow while keeping the cost of capital lower.

8fig also offers additional services including a comprehensive sales dashboard, marketing tools, and more. Check out 8fig and sign up today!

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