eBay Financing

Since 1995, eBay has existed as an online trading and auction company. As one of the first of its kind, it greatly appeals to eCommerce businesses because it easily connects buyers to sellers. It’s simple to start selling, and you don’t need an eBay store subscription to start selling. Even if you don’t have a large company or recognized brand name, eBay gets your products in front of relevant buyers.

Despite the many benefits to selling on eBay, there are plenty of drawbacks as well. One of the biggest challenges for eBay sellers is that while creating an account is free, there are many associated costs that can add up fast. If you aren’t selling at a fast pace, you may struggle to keep up with the expenses.

Since eBay charges a total value fee on each item sold, they prioritize products that are selling well. If your sales slow, eBay may not prioritize your listings, and your product can lose traffic on the platform. In addition, you don’t have a lot of control over the design and look of your listings. They must fit in the eBay template, which gives you little freedom for personalization. You also need to stick to their product and selling rules.

If you sell on eBay, one of the most important things to look out for is your cash flow. With the many expenses that eCommerce sellers have to pay, it’s easy to find yourself struggling to make ends meet. That’s where eBay financing comes in. eBay offers loans through eBay Seller Capital in partnership with LendingPoint, but there are many other financing options out there, too.


8fig: Working Capital For Online Retailers

Grow your online retail store 2.5x faster with an 8fig Growth Plan. 8fig funding is:


Your 8fig Growth Plan is designed just for you. It’s uniquely suited to your business’s needs based on information you provide. You get the funding and resources you need to grow and reach your full potential.

Cash Flow Friendly

8fig financing is cash flow friendly. That means that your payments and remittance schedules are separate and tied to the ups and downs of your supply chain expenses to maximize your cash flow.


Unlike most funding options which provide one lump-sum payment, 8fig offers continuous financing. You get repeated cash infusions when you need them most, so you can cover your supply chain expenses.


With 8fig funding, everything is flexible. You can adjust your funding amount, cash injections, and remittance schedules in real time with the click of a button to fit the natural fluctuations of your business.

About eBay Financing

Starting an eBay store is very different from simply selling a product on eBay. When you have an eCommerce business, it naturally brings with it a number of expenses that must be paid on time. These include supply chain expenses like inventory procurement, warehousing, and even marketing. Most of these costs are due before you bring in profits from sales, which can make it difficult to pay them out of pocket.

There are also a significant number of fees associated with selling on eBay, including an eBay subscription plan if you so choose, commission fees on sales, insertion fees to publish a new product, and more. That’s why many eBay sellers turn to external funding sources for help.

Opportunities for eBay Financing

In this industry, hitting snags is to be expected. Running a successful business is complex, and managing your money isn’t simple either. Many eBay sellers struggle to maintain enough working capital to cover their many expenses.

eBay offers sellers on the platform a few financing options through LendingPoint. These include a business loan, working capital, and a line of credit. However, there are additional financing opportunities for eBay sellers outside of the platform as well.

ebay financing

eBay Business Loan

eBay offers qualifying sellers loans of up to $500,000. These loans have fixed periodic interest and terms of up to 60 months, based on your business performance and other personal details. Applying for a loan from eBay does not impact your credit score.

In order to check your eligibility, fill in a quick application. You’ll then see which of eBay’s loan options are available to you. Choose the loan type that best suits your needs, and answer some more questions to finish your application. If you are approved, you can receive the cash in your bank account as quickly as the next day.

As with any type of loan, eBay business loans have pros and cons. It’s a quick and easy way to get the money you need to keep your business running, procure inventory, and market your product. However, interest rates can be high, and the fixed monthly repayments associated with loans can be challenging for eCommerce businesses to pay during slower sales periods.

eBay Working Capital

In addition to business loans, eBay offers working capital up to $150,000 to sellers on the platform. As with the business loan application, applying for working capital through eBay does not affect your credit score.

eBay’s working capital option is available for a term of 6, 9, or 12 months with fixed repayments due every two weeks. This type of eBay financing is more fitting for those who need a short-term funding solution and feel confident that they can make the fixed repayments on a bi-weekly basis.

eBay Line of Credit

eBay’s final financing option is a line of credit. Lines of credit are beneficial for many eCommerce sellers because of their revolving nature. You only take out as much money as you need, and thus only pay interest on the money you use instead of on the whole amount. In addition, as you pay back the loan, you can take out more capital, too.

These lines of credit are open-ended, and range from $35,000 to $150,000. However, they are only available to qualifying eBay sellers. Repayments are fixed, and are due monthly or semi-monthly depending on your agreement.


Crowdfunding is a financing strategy in which you collect many small investments from a number of donors, which add up to a hefty sum of capital. This method of funding generally requires the seller to create a campaign. Potential investors can then look through campaigns and choose to fund projects or businesses that look most interesting to them.

One of the greatest benefits of crowdfunding is that you generally don’t need to pay back the money you receive. Instead, you can either give investors a small share in the company (equity crowdfunding) or a gift or reward in exchange for their investment.

While crowdfunding can be a very effective way to raise funds, it can take a great deal of time and effort to put together a successful campaign. In addition, there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive the funding you’re after. Crowdfunding works best when you have a novel business idea or product.

Equity financing

Equity financing is another way for eBay sellers to finance their store. Instead of borrowing money that you need to pay back, equity financing is when you receive money in exchange for a minority share in your company.

Angel investors and venture capitalists are two different types of equity investors. They invest money in businesses they believe in and receive equity in return. This means they’ll be entitled to a future share of profits and will likely want a say in decision making and the running of your business. However, many angel investors and venture capitalists bring with them a great deal of expertise and network of connections which can greatly benefit your business.

The eBay financing option can be an efficient and effective way to get the money you need for your business, but giving away equity in your company is no small decision. It can also be challenging to find an equity investor that fits your unique business needs. If you wish to keep full ownership of your business, equity financing might not be the right choice for you.


A grant is a sum of money that an institution gives to a person or company to further a goal or encourage an activity. Grants are often given out by government bodies, but can also come from private organizations. If you receive a grant, you don’t need to pay back the money you receive, making it a great asset for those in need of funding. However, grants can be difficult to secure.

In order to receive a grant, you must first do some research to find one that is relevant to you or your business idea. If your business is designed to help the public in some way, or if you are a minority business owner, there is likely a grant out there that can suit your needs. Since there are a limited number of grants available, they are often quite competitive. Applications vary in length and detail, too, and some can take a great deal of work just to complete.

Revenue-based financing

Revenue-based financing is another option for companies that struggle to stick to a fixed repayment schedule and don’t want to give up ownership in their company. This model requires a company to have a steady flow of revenue, so if your business is just starting out, or if it does not regularly bring in revenue, you won’t qualify.

When you receive revenue-based financing, you get a sum of capital that you agree to repay as a percentage of future revenue. Each month, you’ll make repayments based on the amount of revenue you bring in. That means that when you have a month with higher sales, your repayment will be higher. If you have a slow month, you don’t have to repay as much.

This is very helpful for many eCommerce businesses, since their revenue is seasonal and can fluctuate with demand. However, revenue-based financing comes with a cost, and is often more expensive than traditional financing methods.

Merchant cash advance

A merchant cash advance is similar to revenue-based financing, but instead of repaying your financing as a percentage of future revenue, your repayments are a fixed percentage of your daily credit and debit card sales.

If your business has frequent ups and downs in performance, dealing with a lender that demands regular, fixed repayments may not be possible. Therefore, many eCommerce sellers opt for a merchant cash advance. If you sell a product or service that customers pay for with a credit card, this might be a good option for you.

There are, of course, downsides to a merchant cash advance. The cost of capital is often higher than other forms of financing, and businesses that don’t bring in regular revenue through credit card sales are not eligible.

Invoice factoring

Invoice factoring is only helpful to businesses that wait an extended period of time for their invoice payments to be completed. If you need cash fast and you have outstanding invoices, you can sell them to an invoice factoring company. You’ll receive a percentage of the invoice value up front, and then the invoice factoring company will collect the payment from your customer.

Once the customer pays the invoice in full, you’ll receive the rest of the value of the sale, minus a fee for the service. While invoice factoring is a great way to get fast access to capital, there are few things to watch out for. Some invoice factoring companies charge hefty fees for this type of financing, so make sure to read your agreement carefully before signing a contract. In addition, if the customer fails to repay your invoice in full, you may be responsible for the payment. Therefore, this type of funding is best for sellers who are confident in their customers.

8fig Financing for eBay Sellers

Yet another option for eBay financing is 8fig. 8fig offers eCommerce sellers the funding, tools, and resources they need to grow their businesses. From supply chain planning to cash flow management, 8fig is there to help online businesses succeed. Unlike other funding solutions, 8fig’s financing is unlimited, continuous, and flexible. That means that you can decide how much funding you need to reach your goals. Instead of one lump-sum payment, you’ll receive your funding in injections when your supply chain needs it most. Then, you can adjust your Growth Plan in real time to reflect your changing needs as an eCommerce seller.

Why choose 8fig for eBay financing

Out of the many options for financing, 8fig certainly stands out by giving you the tools and flexibility you need for growth.

How 8fig works

1. Apply

The application process is fast and easy. Answer some questions about your business and sales, and then provide basic information about your supply chain stages and expenses.

2. Connect your store and bank account

In order to provide you with an optimized Growth Plan, 8fig requires that you connect your store and bank account to the 8fig platform.

3. Get funded

With 8fig, you can get funded in just days. Since 8fig funding is continuous, you receive capital infusions into your business right when you need it.

4. Make adjustments

If something changes and you need to adjust your payments, remittance schedules, or even funding amount, you can always do so thanks to 8fig’s flexibility.

5. Grow your business

All that’s left to do is sell, sell, sell. With 8fig, businesses are able to scale 2.5x as fast.

What 8fig offers in addition to financing

In addition to providing funding for eBay sellers, 8fig offers many valuable tools to help online businesses reach their full potential. We are a growth partner, helping eCommerce businesses grow through a combination of planning and management tools and funding. If you sign up with 8fig, you get access to supply chain mapping software, sales analytics tools, and more. Your funding is optimized for your cash flow, ensuring that you have the capital you need to cover your supply chain expenses.

Who is eligible for 8fig industry financing

If you’ve been selling a product online for at least 12 months and have made over $100,000 in revenue over the last year, with an average of $8,000 in sales per month for the last three months, you will likely be eligible for funding from 8fig.

The application process is quick and simple, and based entirely on your business’s performance. There is no credit check and 8fig does not take any equity in your business.

If you meet these minimal requirements, 8fig might be just the thing you need to reach your business goals.

How to Apply for 8fig Financing

Applying for 8fig financing is simple and quick, taking only a few minutes. You’ll receive funding quickly if you just respond to the questions and take the directions!