5 Best Holiday Pajama Retailer Marketing Strategies [2021]

November 9, 2021

8fig Team

Each winter searches for holiday pajamas surge, creating a seasonal revenue opportunity for online retailers. For some brands, the payoff is huge – just ask Tipsy Elves, an apparel company who expanded to multiple countries after debuting on Shark Tank for their ugly holiday sweaters and pajamas. But competition is also fierce, meaning that finding unique and smart ways to stand out is essential.

Even if you aren’t selling pajamas, there’s something to learn from the top brands ranking on Google and Amazon for best family Christmas pajamas in 2021. Below, we highlight some of our favorite marketing strategies this holiday season.

1. Popreal’s Holiday-themed Amazon Storefront

Tis the season to update your online storefront with holiday ads and messaging. This festive marketing tactic lets potential customers know that your listings are current and on trend, plus it inspires them to act fast by creating a sense of urgency. You can use inspiration from Popreal’s festive Amazon front page, which features themed banners, videos, ads and more. In the storefront, Popreal showcases 18+ holiday pajama styles for families and creates a united brand experience full of warm and fuzzy feelings.

2. Lazyone’s Pet-Friendly Pajama Products

Expanding your target market and product availability is one great way to scale profits and reach, and humans aren’t the only family members with a gift under the tree this holiday season. The pet industry is now a $100 billion market, which explains why Lazyone has an entire section of their site dedicated to pet-friendly pajama sets. Fido looks just as adorable in a red onesie as the rest of the pack, so make sure to update your product photos to feature pets, too.

3. PajamaGram’s Before Christmas Promise

Throughout November and most of December, the first thing you’ll see on PajamaGram’s homepage is “Order today. Ships tomorrow. Arrives before Christmas.” This same messaging is listed on nearly every product on the site, so consumers know that any order they place will arrive in time to put under the tree even in the midst of the current shipping crisis. You too can ease customer anxiety with this shipping guarantee if you have your inventory ready to go, but be careful not to make promises you can’t keep.

4. Hannah Andersson’s Afterpay Offer

The holidays are a financially stressful time for many families in the U.S. Hannah Andersson helps lessen the burden of seasonal extras by offering an Afterpay option during checkout. Afterpay allows customers to buy now and pay later, much like the holiday layaway’s major in-store retailers offer. Note that Shopify is reminding sellers to update their Afterpay payments app before EOY to keep the transactions running smoothly.

5. Sleepyhead’s Social Activation

The best online marketing inspires consumers to take action. Take Sleepyhead’s Amazon storefront, which reminds consumers to rock their matching pajamas in holiday card photos. This FOMO marketing tactic taps into the anxiety consumers feel about missing out on an exciting experience, plus it provides a creative use-case for its product that the consumer may not have otherwise thought of themselves. You can take it a step further by sharing social proof of real families using your product on multiple streams, widening your reach and potential to inspire holiday festiveness around the world.

Now that you’ve learned how to spread holiday cheer (and sales!), it’s time to update your own online storefront. Utilizing smart marketing tactics like the ones above can help increase conversions and revenue, taking your eCommerce store to new heights. Check out our free planning tool to start mapping out future inventory orders as if money were no object. If you can plan it, we’ll fund it.

8fig Team

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