Tips for using ChatGPT to further your ecommerce store

By Julian Bonte-Friedheim | April 04, 2023
Tips for using ChatGPT to further your ecommerce store

Few new technologies have made waves as big as OpenAI’s ChatGPT did when it was released to the general public on November 30, 2022. In four days, it gained one million users. Two more months later, that number rose to 100 million users. ChatGPT is set to revolutionize many sections of our economy including eCommerce with its groundbreaking text generation. For this reason, online sellers should jump on this AI-piloted bandwagon before they risk getting left behind. Even in these early stages, there are several possibilities for you to upgrade your store in meaningful and productive ways.

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What Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that uses machine learning algorithms to process huge amounts of data and generate natural language text. Users type in a prompt, and the program writes out long answers in great detail. It trains itself by going over countless texts while learning to imitate what it reads and produce writing that is informative and high quality.

What makes it so special is its ability to respond to highly specific instructions with relevant and detailed answers, often even emulating different writing styles. Its machine-learning capabilities are highly advanced and continuously updated, meaning it is able to constantly adapt and improve its responses. While ChatGPT might not be able to create writing as creative and compelling as a real person, it can get pretty close with the right prompts and supervision.

Product Descriptions

Having well-written and informative product descriptions can make a big difference in whether your goods will stand out from the crowd or not. However, this can require quite a bit of time and effort if you have a large catalog of products and want each to have a unique description. ChatGPT can be a huge asset here. With a few smart prompts and the occasional revision, it can deliver engaging copy that is indistinguishable from that of a human. Most importantly, it can do so in very little time, meaning you see results almost instantly.

Tips for Optimizing Your Copy With ChatGPT

To maximize ChatGPT’s great potential, you have to give it prompts that are clear and detailed, to give it the smallest margins for error.

Brand voice – It is important to have a clear brand language before you start working with ChatGPT. It will aid in establishing your company’s voice and help consumers get a better understanding of what you are all about. The tone, wording, and values of your brand play a big role in what kind of customers you attract. This should be reflected in your product descriptions, marketing, and all outward-facing copy you generate.

ChatGPT is great at emulating already existing styles of communication and generating text, which naturally fits a certain voice. Examples of prompts that might reflect a certain brand’s style: “Write a product description for gaming headphones that highlights the improved gaming performance customers will experience” or “Write a product description about running shoes that highlights their low carbon footprint to customers who care about the environment.”

Identify your target audience – ChatGPT functions best when it knows exactly what kind of audience you are targeting. It can adapt its wording accordingly to create text that has a higher chance of being engaging this way. The more you understand how your target audience thinks, and what kind of language appeals to it, the better copy you can generate will be. Think about what causes and issues might be important to your ideal consumer.

Your prompts could look like “Write a product description for a pair of jeans that was created with sustainable materials, using ethical labor. Use language that clearly distinguishes this product from fast fashion.” or “Write a product description for yogurt that is made from milk by ethically-treated, free range cows. Highlight that our brand cares about animals.”

AI-Powered Chatbot

Having an intuitive and informative chatbot on your website can have a huge impact on customer engagement and sales. This is particularly important since most small eCommerce sellers can’t afford to hire a full-time customer service representative. ChatGPT is able to answer visitors’ questions about the products you sell, quickly and in great detail.

All it takes is implementing ChatGPT’s technology with your chatbot, which is relatively straightforward. If you have a WordPress-based website, a plugin like this one can help you do so. Once you download it and connect it to your Open AI account, you will be able to customize in what style your chatbot will talk to visitors, and what information it will provide.

This includes giving a breakdown of the products your site offers or providing them with quick answers to FAQs (frequently asked questions) from other visitors. It can anticipate what query a customer might have, saving them time and making their visit to your website more pleasant and effective. ChatGPT also has the ability to create personalized messages, based on a person’s previous communications with your store. This can help foster a deeper connection with visitors to your website.

Refined Responses

Unlike a standard chatbot, which can usually only give basic answers to questions that have to be formulated in a simple way, ChatGPT is much more sophisticated. It can explain things in much higher detail, factor in follow-up questions, and process even complicated, long-winded queries. Customers won’t need to dumb down their questions as much and are more likely to receive informative answers that give them what they need.

That also means that a ChatGPT-powered chatbot can give people advanced information, such as details about shipping times and costs or whether a product is in stock or not. This can provide great clarity that might just entice visitors who were on the fence to purchase something instead of clicking away.

Emails and Newsletters

Email marketing is a huge asset that many eCommerce businesses don’t take full advantage of. That is because it can be tedious and take up a lot of time and energy, while many business owners worry their emails will get ignored. ChatGPT is able to streamline and improve this process significantly. You can make your wording feel fresh, by giving it several prompts instead of having to come up with new copy or paraphrase from previous emails. Provide it with the necessary context and it can usually give you a solid first draft that may only need minor editing.

Product Recommendations

ChatGPT is excellent at sifting through data and finding trends and patterns. By analyzing a customer’s browsing and purchase history on your store, it can offer suggestions for products they might want to purchase. Even if they don’t decide to buy right away, this feature can help pique their interest and lead to your products and brand making a deeper impression on them. This is also useful for personalized marketing emails.


Marketing is another area where ChatGPT can provide great advantages. It can analyze customer behavior and find better ways to get them engaged. This can mean targeting a subset of customers with video ads on Youtube instead of email campaigns, for example. ChatGPT can assess what people’s online behavior says about them as potential customers and suggest what ads might get their attention most effectively. With this information, you can make much better decisions about where to invest your ad funds, and where not to.

Responding to Reviews

While every eCommerce store should encourage as many customers to review its products as possible, this inevitably leads to some negative feedback. But a bad review isn’t a guaranteed disaster. By providing an authentic and attentive response and addressing their issue meaningfully, you can turn it into something positive.

Customers may appreciate a readiness to hear their perspective and eagerness to fix the issue. ChatGPT is excellent at crafting messages that directly address the concern of a frustrated customer. Make sure to direct it to adopt a personable tone and oversee all copy before it is posted. This can end up saving you a lot of time and help build a better community, in which customers feel seen.

Data Analysis

ChatGPT has the ability to process data from your online shop, analyze it, and provide you with valuable insights. This can include sales trends or customer behavior on your site, which is invaluable information for any eCommerce business. Knowing whether a certain product is surging or declining in popularity can help you reorganize and optimize your supply chain. That means ordering more inventory to avoid running out of stock or reducing orders to avoid excessive warehouse costs from unsold goods. ChatGPT can discover trends, analyze your target audience, and help your campaigns be more effective.

Keep ChatGPT’s Limits in Mind

At the end of the day, the text ChatGPT generates is only as good as the prompts and supervision provided by the human guiding it. It is easy to get carried away with its intuitive software and see it as a one-size-fits-all solution. However, as confident and engaging as ChatGPT often sounds, it makes mistakes and can use wording that feels empty and robotic. To ensure that your copy sounds authentic and is accurate, remember to oversee all generated text and fact-check claims. Finally, feel free to experiment and explore, ChatGPT is a fascinating tool that can advance your eCommerce business in countless ways, some of which are still being discovered.

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