Top ECommerce Predictions for 2022 to Generate More Sales Than Ever

December 28, 2021


8fig Team

Do you want to radically scale in 2022? The world of eCommerce is constantly changing, which means that smart and scrappy sellers like you have to constantly adapt in order to optimize. We’re here to help you do just that with 3 custom videos highlighting the top eCommerce trends we expect to see in the New Year.

We chat through how to harness the power of your customer journey insights, tips to best optimize your Amazon or Shopify storefront, and much more. Check it out below!

New ECommerce Trends to Execute

You’re an 8-figure seller in the making, and this list of the latest and greatest eCommerce trends will help you get there. Erika Kraus, Head of Brand and Community at 8fig, is looking at everything from personalized shopping experiences to influencer marketing strategies so you can scale faster than ever before in 2022. Click play to get started.

Arsenal for Amazon Store Owners

You’re more than just an Amazon seller, you’re a brand builder. Liran Hirschkorn of Incrementum Digital chats through his top recommendations for success in 2022 as Amazon embraces a more D2C selling strategy. Your Amazon storefront, influencer relations, and video output will all impact store performance so plan ahead to position yourself as a top Amazon shop. The good news? Amazon will also share more data with sellers than ever before and give sellers more ability to connect with the end customer. Watch the video to learn more.

Scale Your Shopify Store

Shopify is simplifying the fulfillment and distribution process in 2022 so you can sell smarter and grow faster. New advertising platforms are also emerging, and Megan Jansen from 8fig will has a tip to expand your reach. Advanced technology is also making it more seamless to showcase your products. Press play to find out about all this and more.

Now it’s time to execute your 2022 strategy. Having continuous and reliable cash flow lets you take advantage of every opportunity and emerging trend.

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8fig Team

8fig Team

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