Freight With 8fig Is Now Live: Save While You Ship

February 7, 2023

freight with 8fig

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At 8fig, we know that eCommerce sellers are always looking for ways to work smarter, not harder.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Freight with 8fig, a streamlined freight booking experience exclusively for 8fig sellers.

Read on to learn more about how Freight with 8fig is helping sellers save time and money. Or if you’re ready to dive right in, log in to your 8fig Operations Dashboard to see if you could be saving on freight.

Stress Less, Ship More

freight with 8fig

Coordinating with freight vendors is just one more task on the seemingly endless to-do list for eCommerce sellers.

With Freight with 8fig, sellers can request a freight quote for their products directly from the 8fig Operations Dashboard. Sellers can even pay for their freight with funding from 8fig, removing the need for external vendors and payments and streamlining the end-to-end freight experience.

Quick Quotes & Competitive Rates

Freight with 8fig was designed specifically to help eCommerce sellers save on freight costs and access more competitive repayment rates.

All sellers need to provide for a custom quote are a few details about upcoming shipments, and 8fig will handle the rest. Competitive freight rates and repayment terms are only a few clicks away!

Your Personalized Growth Machine

freight with 8fig

Freight with 8fig is just one of many ways that 8fig makes planning and managing your business more efficient and scalable. Funding from 8fig is supply chain-based and personalized to each seller’s unique cash flow needs — and our advanced AI combined with industry benchmarks helps create a Growth Plan tailored to your business.

8fig sellers can also track their sales progress, compare their store to industry benchmarks, and more with the 8fig Sales Dashboard. And for movers and shakers, the 8fig mobile app keeps you in touch with your business even when you’re on the go.

Request a Quote Today to See if Better Freight Prices Are on Your Horizon

Ready for a better freight experience? Request a quote in the 8fig platform today — simply log into the 8fig platform and navigate to your Operations tab to get started.

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8fig Team

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