How to create Q4 ads that really work

June 22, 2024
How to create Q4 ads that really work

This is a guest post created in conjunction with Biddyco, an 8fig partner.

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Looking for new ways to increase your sales this holiday season? Look no further. Blake Premer from Biddyco, a boutique ad agency that helps with paid ad creation and media buying, shared some examples of top performing Q4 ads.

How to improve Q4 ad performance

Q4 is a time when buyer intent is particularly high. After all, consumers are trying to quickly purchase awesome gifts for everyone on their lists.

If you want to increase conversions without drastically upping your advertising spend, you can make some small, easy changes to your ads. Here are four tips to improve your Q4 ad performance and boost holiday sales:

1. Highlight your shipping cut-off date

Including the shipping cut-off date in your creative is a great way to inject a sense of urgency into your advertising. This plays off of consumers’ basic psychological desire to avoid losing a great deal. Buyers are more likely to go through with the purchase immediately if they feel this sense of urgency.

Talk with your shipping provider in advance to gain an understanding of the last minute shipping deadlines. Then, you can include this information in your ads and give your customers that extra push to press the ‘buy’ button.

2. Emphasize giftability

The holiday season is all about gifting, so emphasizing the ‘giftability’ of your product is a great way to make it more attractive during Q4. Include lifestyle images of your product being gifted, or place it next to a Christmas tree or Hanukkah menorah. This can go a long way in convincing potential customers to make the purchase.

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If your product is not exactly giftable, that’s ok. Use language that encourages customers to treat themselves instead. The ‘treat yourself’ type of messaging works well during the holiday season, too.

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3. Make sure your offer is clear

No matter how complex or original your creative may be, make sure that your offer is clear and apparent to consumers. If potential customers can’t easily understand what the deal is, they’re unlikely to click through and make a purchase.

This is particularly true if you’re using video or stop-motion graphics in your ads. Don’t let the deal get lost in the visuals. Most shoppers just want to know that there is a sale on an item they want to buy.

4. Consider running a broad holiday campaign all month long

Instead of creating a number of targeted ads for each sale date and holiday, creating a ‘holiday sale’ campaign gives you the ability to run your ads for the entire holiday season. You don’t need to change your copy for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, last-minute holiday shopping, and post-holiday sales – just run one ad the whole time!

Running an ad for a longer period of time can really benefit your brand. The algorithm gets stronger as time goes on, and you can optimize your campaign to really work. Then, you can scale up your advertising and maximize your sales.

The right ads with the right funding

While it’s important to have the right strategy to create the most profitable ads, it’s also important to have the right funding to keep all operations running smoothly. With 8fig, you’ll get flexible funding tailored to your specific eCommerce needs and reliable financial management tools to help your business soar to new heights.

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