7 ways a social media presence benefits eCommerce businesses

By 8fig team | October 10, 2023
7 ways a social media presence benefits eCommerce businesses

Social media plays a huge role in eCommerce success. In fact, global social commerce is projected to generate a staggering $6.2 trillion by 2030, according to Business Wire.

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Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and X (formerly known as Twitter) have revolutionized marketing, giving brands unprecedented access to a huge audience.

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In this blog post, we’ll discuss the many ways in which a strong social media presence can benefit your eCommerce business. We’ll explore why social is a must for modern eCommerce and how to leverage these powerful platforms to drive growth.

Social media enables eCommerce businesses to:

What is Social Commerce?

Before we get into the ways that a social media presence can benefit your eCommerce business, let’s talk about social commerce.

Social commerce is a growing trend in the digital marketplace that represents the intersection between social media and eCommerce. Unlike traditional online shopping, social commerce capitalizes on the social interactions intrinsic to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, transforming the passive shopping experience into one that’s dynamic and interactive. It allows users to make purchase decisions and complete transactions directly through social media platforms, effectively reducing the steps between discovery and purchase.

This seamless integration means that shoppers can solicit feedback from their social networks, engage with influencers and targeted ads, and ultimately make purchases without ever having to leave their favorite social platforms. The power of social commerce lies in its ability to personalize shopping, create community-driven brand loyalty, and leverage word-of-mouth at scale, changing not just how consumers buy, but how they perceive the act of shopping itself.

How Social Media Can Benefit Your ECommerce Brand

Social media offers a goldmine of opportunities for eCommerce brands, revolutionizing the way they connect with customers and market their products. By leveraging the vast reach and highly engaging environment of social platforms, brands can showcase their products in interactive ways, build strong relationships with customers through direct communication, and tap into invaluable word-of-mouth advertising.

This vibrant online presence not only drives traffic and sales but also fosters a community of loyal customers, turning an eCommerce brand into a living, relatable entity in the digital marketplace.

Here are some of the ways that a strong social media strategy can benefit your eCommerce business.

1. Increases brand awareness

Social media is like your megaphone to the world. It helps brands reach a wide audience through popular online platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and X. These platforms give eCommerce sellers the power to talk directly to your customers, sharing exciting content, and spreading your message far and wide very quickly. This helps familiarize people with your  brand, increasing brand awareness, making them more likely to think of it when they need certain products or services.

But being successful on social media isn’t just about posting a lot; it’s about posting smart. Companies need to really understand their target customers: who they are, what they like, where they spend time online, and what will catch their interest. It’s important to create fun and genuine content that people can connect with.

2. Allows you to build a community

Establishing a vibrant online community around your brand is a powerful way to foster loyalty. As your following grows, create interactive spaces for engagement.

This sense of belonging fosters loyalty and makes your customers feel like they’re part of something bigger – your brand story.

By consistently sharing engaging content, responding to comments, and even creating dedicated hashtags or groups, brands cultivate a sense of belonging and loyalty among their followers. This community isn’t just a customer base—it’s a dynamic, interactive, and self-sustaining space where customers become advocates, providing feedback, sharing enthusiasm, and organically spreading the brand message through their networks.

3. Provides a platform where you can engage with customers

ECommerce brands can use social media as a powerful tool to interact directly with customers, creating a more personal and responsive dialogue. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X allow companies to have real-time conversations with their audience, whether through comments, direct messages, or interactive posts.

This immediate line of communication helps brands provide instant customer service, gather feedback, understand customer needs, and even involve them in new product decisions. By actively listening and responding, brands show customers they are valued, which builds stronger relationships and enhances customer loyalty. This direct interaction sets the stage for a more humanized brand presence and a more engaged and satisfied customer base.

  • 91% of customers say they’re more likely to buy again after a positive service experience.
  • Listening to customer feedback and responding genuinely can make customers feel valued, leading to increased brand loyalty and future purchases.

Use social media to make your customers feel valued and understood, not just for promoting your products.

4. Gives you an outlet to leverage user generated content (UGC)

User-generated content (UGC) is a powerful social media marketing tool. Research shows that consumers find UGC more trustworthy than branded content.

Encourage customers to post authentic reviews, videos, and photos featuring your products. Their voices resonate more than any promotional message could.

There are several ways to use UGC, for example:

  • Spotlight Reviews: Monitor review sites and re-share positive feedback on your social channels. This builds trust and social proof.
  • User Photos: Run contests for customers to submit photos of your product. Share entries on social media and on your website. User images feel organic and genuine.
  • Videos: Request testimonials or tutorials from satisfied customers. Authentic video content engages audiences more than polished corporate productions.
  • Influencers: Send free samples to niche influencers and ask them to post reviews. Their stamp of approval carries tremendous weight with their followers.

UGC requires minimal investment compared to the huge boost it gives your brand. Let real customers be your advocates. Their voices resonate far more than any marketing message could.

5. Boosts website traffic and visibility

Did you know that a robust social media presence can enhance your search engine rankings (SEO)? It’s a critical driver of website traffic and visibility for eCommerce brands. By sharing content that resonates with your audience, whether it’s eye-catching visuals, compelling promotions, or engaging stories, brands can encourage followers to click through to their websites to learn more or make a purchase.

Each post that points back to the website acts as a pathway for consumer discovery and engagement. Furthermore, as content gets shared among users, the brand gains exposure to new audiences, increasing its reach and potential visitor pool. This heightened visibility not only amplifies site traffic but also enhances search engine rankings, making the brand more prominent in online searches and bringing in even more visitors.

Social media is an excellent way to drive more traffic, get more leads, and make more sales. And all this traffic also benefits your SEO (indirectly).

6. Targets your ideal customers

Social media platforms are a great choice for eCommerce brands aiming to reach their ideal customers through targeted advertising. These platforms collect a wealth of user data, including interests, browsing habits, and demographic details, enabling brands to create highly specific ad parameters.

As a result, businesses can tailor their marketing campaigns with precision, ensuring their ads are viewed by individuals who are most likely to be interested in their products or services. This level of targeting is cost-efficient, as it prevents resources from being spent on uninterested consumers, and effective, as it increases the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

Generic ads waste money on the wrong people. But targeted ads enable you to identify and connect with buyers inclined to purchase what you sell.

7. Keeps you in the loop with industry trends

Social media isn’t just about promoting your own content; it’s a hub for connecting with others in your industry. Share insights and trends, and exchange ideas to create a space for growth and innovation. You might discover a new strategy, fresh approach, or partnership that propels your business forward.

Incorporating these strategies will catapult your eCommerce business to new heights. However, as your business flourishes, you might need additional capital to support inventory expansion and marketing endeavors.

Unlocking ECommerce Success

Social media offers many benefits for eCommerce businesses. As your sales gain momentum, consider exploring additional avenues to fund your inventory and marketing efforts. Sometimes, eCommerce funding can make all the difference between record sales and a stockout.

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